Are Books Doomed to Become Art Collector Items?

The always fascinating Dark Roasted Blend has an article on alternative uses for books. Sculptures, lamps, structures, furniture... everything made with books. It's an eerie view on book heaven or book hell, depending on your mood. Mine is a bit gloomy, so looking at the beautifully spooky gallery and knowing about the rennaissance of electronic books, I can't help but wonder: Do these images represent the beginning of the end for books as we know them?

The Kindle, heralded by that Saturn who eats its own children called Jeff Bezos, seems to have marked a before and after in the world of books. Sure, books are still being sold and they are not going to disappear anytime soon, but now the possibility of switching to an electronic ink world seems very realistic and close. Experiments like the cover of Esquire or new electronic newspaper platforms only reinforce this feeling. The need to conserve resources is another force behind the push for electronic ink. What do you think? Are books doomed to become precious art collector items? Will they ever vanish from our world and become old rarities? [Dark Roasted Blend]

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