Apple Employee Posts Job Description On LinkedIn, Divulges Future iPhone CPU Plans

Poor Wei-han Lien is probably dead right now after posting a description of his current duties—managing the ARM CPU architecture team for the iPhone—on LinkedIn. As you know, Apple keeps all its future plans secret so Jobs doesn't stroll out on stage and announce something everyone's known for about months (oops). In Lien's case, the fact that he's managing the ARM CPU team means that Apple's acquisition of P.A. Semi back in April was for a good reason: to build optimised processors in-house for the iPhone instead of purchasing them from Samsung, like the company does now.

Former CEO of AMD says the company could get fancy and "put software accelerators on there or maybe do something like a graphics engine." We understand what he means, but the way he said it makes us think of a kid who's making his dream car. "Put some wings and a jet engine and some flames and some missiles pew pew!" [NY Times via TUAW via Crunchgear]

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