A Sneak Peek at the New TiVo User Interface

TiVo is apparently focus testing a new, more modern user interface that puts content—and ads—front and centre. Besides finally adding Picture-in-Guide so you can keep watching a show while chugging through the guide, the main menu is now lined with a row of pictures along the top. The thumbnails are a combo of recently watched, favourites and suggestions—as well as ads. More details and videos of the new UI in action are below, courtesy of Dave Zatz.

As you can see, there's also separate viewer profiles, presumably so you won't be bombarded with content from your kid's Hannah Montana obsession. The movies and Amazon Unbox section is cleaned up and presented grid-style, so it's much easier to navigate as well. No indication on when we might see this roll out, but since it's just focus testing, it's possible we never will. Still, we know that TiVo's at least looking at refreshing their UI to keep up with the times. [Infinite Abyss - Thanks Dave!]

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