US$7,100 CD Player Probably Isn't Worth It

At this point, audio CDs are essentially a dead medium, with digital files clearly taking over in terms of popularity and use. Which makes it a strange time to introduce a US$7,100, belt-driven CD player. But that's just what CEC has done.

Beyond the fact that CDs are yesterday's news, the idea of paying so much money for a CD player is kind of bananas to begin with. I mean, who needs a belt drive in their CD player? This isn't a record player, it's not like the music plays too fast or too slow on crappier CD players. I'm sure this thing does a great job of stabilising the disc during the rotation, but you won't notice that when you listen to it.

Really, it's understandable for audiophiles to prefer CDs to digital files just because digital files are usually compressed and sound like crap compared with CDs. But any CD player will read your CDs as good as any other. Save your US$7,100 for something more worthwhile. [New Launches]

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