52-Inch Sharp Aquos HDTV for US$38.45 (Or Not Really)

Right now, one of the stores at Amazon.com—myOfficeSource—is selling a 52-inch Sharp Aquos 1080P HDTV for US$38.45 (thirty-eight dollars and forty-five cents). That's US$2,261.54 off its list price. New, not refurbished. Obviously, something wrong—or fishy—must be happening because, right now, you can buy a bunch of products with this discount. Giz reader Cliff, who gave us the heads up, actually bought the 52-inch Aquos and got a confirmation email from Amazon in which they say his order will arrive in mid-september. Update: One reader is giving a word of caution, so proceed with caution because this may be an scam.

They charged him exactly what the catalog says. Nevertheless, this must be a bug but, in any case and since they are not charging the original price, I guess it's worth trying.

The question is: if a mail order company is advertising and actually confirming the purchase at these prices, are they obligated to honour the advertised price and send the product? Somewhere in my mind, a couple of advertising law clauses I took while in college are saying "yes, they may have to do exactly that". But then again, I may have had a hangover back then and got the whole thing wrong.

Update: a reader has sent us a heads up about a customer review in Amazon.com that says that someone who bought the Texas Instruments calculator got his order switched in his account page for a CD. Cliff says that his Amazon account still lists the Sharp in his order. If this is the case, I don't really know how Amazon can keep such an allegedly shady store in their site. In any case, proceed with caution if you really want to try your luck.

[Amazon Sharp deal and Amazon TI deal]

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