10 Record-Breaking Consumer Gadgets

From the world's tallest skyscraper to the world's highest popping toaster, it seems like a day rarely goes by without news of some sort of record being broken. As far as consumer gadgets are concerned, everyone claims to have the biggest, smallest or the fastest product on the market—but just because it's in the press release doesn't make it true. Not so with the following 10 gadgets—these are sure-fire record breakers. Although, in some cases, you will require record amounts of cash to get your hands on one.

World' Fastest Production Car:

During a speed test in Washington state, the twin-turbo, 1183 hp SSC Ultimate Aero hit an average top speed of 411.72kph. That's about 4.8kph faster than the next closest production car—the Bugatti Veyron. [Link]

World's Fastest Production Motorcycle:
The SSC Ultimate Aero speed test wasn't the last time the US$1.7 million Bugatti Veryon got smacked around. Listed as the world's fastest production motorcycle, the (claimed) 194 hp 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa is actually quicker than the Bugatti. And it's a steal at only US$12,000.

World's Biggest Plasma Television:
Who could forget the enormous 150-inch plasma Panasonic unveiled at CES? The 2160 x 4096 resolution screen is truly breathtaking in person, but only the richest of the rich will be able to afford this beast when it hits the market next year. [Link]

World's Smallest HD Camcorder:
Sony's HDR-TG1 is currently the smallest HD camcorder in the world, packing 1920 x 1080 HD video recording into a 3.3 x 11.9 x 6.4cm titanium frame. Sure, there are other camcorders that claim to be the smallest, but no one can argue with the scientific accuracy of David Pogue's eyeball test. [Sony via Link]

World's Smallest USB Drive:
There are several manufacturers that claim their USB drive is the smallest, but the current leader appears to be Super Talent with an 8GB choking hazard that measures 31.3mm x 12.4mm x 3.4mm and weighs less than a nickel. Available for around US$30. [Super Talent via Link]

World's Most Powerful Consumer Flashlight:
Wicked Lasers' 4100 lumens Torch flashlight will not only turn night into day, it can also be used to start campfires, scramble eggs, light cigarettes and melt faces. Available for US$300. [Wicked Lasers via Link]

World's Smallest Working Revolver:
The SwissMiniGun is the smallest working revolver in the world at a mere 5.49cm. It fires mini 2.34 mm calibre ammo at 130 m/s—which is probably enough to kill you...or at least give you a nasty welt. [SwissMiniGun via Link]

World's Biggest Record Collection:
Paul Mawhinney spent a lifetime amassing a record collection consisting of over 3 million titles—and now it can be yours for around US$1 a record. That is a real bargain when you consider that the collection has been appraised at over US$50 million. [Greatest Music Collection via Link]

World's Most Expensive Home:
How much home can you buy for US$2 billion? If chemical giant Mukesh Ambani's record breaking home in Mumbai is anything to go by, it will get you 22 stories, 400,000 square feet, and enough gadgets to trick out a football stadium. [Link]

World's Most Complicated Watch:
It took five years to plan and four years to build, but in the end watchmaker Patek Phillipe created what is surely the most complicated watch in the world with the Calibre 89. It features an astounding 33 functions, 24 hands and 1,728 unique parts. There are only four in the world and one was recently sold for nearly US$6 million. [Calibre 89 and Forbes]

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