10 Gadgets for Instant Portable Partying

It's Friday...finally. Have big plans for the weekend? A big party to go to perhaps? You know, you don't have to wait for the weekend to have fun—you could be partying every day. Not only that, you wouldn't have to waste time planning and getting things set up. Using the following 10 gadgets, you could have a party on demand. That's right—anytime, anywhere. Now all you need is some friends.

International Dance Party: The LED light says "Dance to Start the Party." When you do, the party box detects your dancing and drops the motorised face to reveal two 600-watt speakers. Throw in a laser light show, disco ball, fog machine, sirens and thumping techno and you have yourself an instant party in a box. [IDP via Link]

Porta Party: The Porta Party project puts a fun spin on the port-a-potty concept by changing the exterior to resemble an iPod and replacing the toilet with an iPod dock and a disco ball. A word of warning though—if things get out of hand, partygoers may become confused in a drunken stupor and use this thing in horrifying ways. Make sure to have a mop handy. [Nick Rodrigues via Link]

Party Button: The Party Button may not be portable, but it is definitely instant. If you have the skills, you could rig one of these up yourself and set the mood with one push of a button. All you need is about US$650 in parts and the instructions outlined in the following link. [plasma2002 via Link]

DJ Mobile Car: Inspired by the Popemobile and the song "God is a DJ" by Faithless, Dutch artist Olaf Mooij tricked out his car to become a rolling PA system. Details are scarce, but we do know that it features two turntables and several huge speakers that look more like rockets. It can also be rented for events. [Olaf Mooij via Link]

Toilet Tunes: Reinforcing the "anywhere" part of this feature we have a device with a wireless sensor that attaches to the bottom of your toilet lid. When the seat is raised, the sound machine plays music. Not only can you dance to it, it could also be used to help with a rough one by soothing your bowels into action. It can even be used to mask any unpleasant noises—as the video in the following link illustrates. Available for US$30. [Toilet Tunes]

Skeleton Disco Ball: Maybe techno and pop music isn't your thing. If you prefer the upbeat vibe of European death metal you could replace the traditional disco ball with this skeleton version with glowing red LED eyes. Available for US$40. [FrightCatalog]

Dance Charge: UK based mobile phone provide Orange has developed an armband capable of charging your mobile phone with the infinite power of the dance. As you bust a move, the kinetic energy translates into electricity for your phone. [Orange via Link]

Glitter Gun: Pull the trigger and decimate the crowd with a weapon of mass fabulousness. Instead of bullets, this gun fires glitter shots. Available for about US$8. [Drinkstuff via Link]

WIndup Robot: Even if you are stuck behind a desk at work, this little robot will pump up the jams. Available for around US$11. [I Want That via Link]

Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit: Saving the best for last, the Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit is completely portable and sets up in minutes using a three-piece, spring-loaded design. Wherever there is a stripper, there is most definitely a party. I suppose it goes without saying, but the woman in this picture would do quite nicely. Available for US$76. [Find Me a Gift]

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