YouTube's Beijing Channel Not Available In Australia

yahoo7.pngThe Olympics start tomorrow, and if you're not yet excited by the idea of athletes pushing themselves to the limit in a country where the cabs are bugged and the towns are filled with gadget refuse, then you never will be.

Because of the similarity in time zones between China and Australia, there are going to be a lot of people wasting their work day watching the games. Telstra have an agreement with Channel 7 to show Olympic coverage over their NextG mobiles, Yahoo7 will also have online video streaming of the games.

If, however, you got excited by the Reuters article detailing the IOCs decision to showcase games highlights on YouTube, you're destined for disappointment - the YouTube channel isn't available to Australians, thanks to the Yahoo!7 deal.

Let's just hope that Yahoo!7 doesn't drop the ball when it comes to their Olympic video coverage - Channel 7 have never been known for their willingness to offer users what they want, when they want it...


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