Would You Watch Mobile Phone Ads if it Got You Free or Cheap Service?

The Direct Marketing Association, a lovely group dedicated to forcing ads down your throat, have done a study that found that while a mere 7% of mobile phone users are open to receiving ads on their phone, a much more significant 24% say they've responded to such ads on their phone. A whole quarter of the phone population responding to ads? That has advertisers salivating, so you know that phone ads will be the norm soon enough. So, lets say they came up with a deal that paid for half of your bill if you agreed to watch a few ads a day on your phone. Would you do it?

As much as I hate ads and I hate being inundated with them on a daily basis, if it meant saving US$50 a month, I would be all over it. On the other hand, if they tried to send ads to my phone without it saving me any money, I'd be livid. I pay too much for it to be forced to watch ads to further line the pockets of the people I'm already keeping in business.

What do you think?

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