World's First Digital Camera Swim Mask Saves Underwater Pool Memories For Later

Hammacher Schlemmer's Digital Camera Swim Mask integrates an underwater digital camera into a swim mask—two things that have belonged together ever since Man decided that Woman should wear little to no clothing when they're in the water. The on-board 5-megapixel camera goes down to 15 feet and can take up to 30 pictures in its 16MB memory. You can expand that with a microSD card (no size limitation specified) in order to record more than 52 seconds of video as well. There's an LED inside the mask that tells you which mode you're in, but the whole thing requires two AAA batteries to operate. It's only US$99, and can be used in snorkeling or just at the pool. You can bet your arse we're testing one soon. [Hammacher]

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