What Kind Of Street Has A Wall Of Tyres?

What Kind Of Street Has A Wall Of Tyres?

Streetview tyres.pngIn the remote town of Paraburdoo in Western Australia, life is tough. The orange dirt gets in your hair, you’re miles away from the nearest town and your streets apparently have walls of tyres blocking the way.

Or – in a hypothetical place a lot closer to reality – the town is so tough that it gave the Google StreetView car that was photographing its streets a flat tyre. Funnily though, the camera decided to document the experience of getting its tyre replaced, including photographing the workshop that it pulled into for a quick repair job.

While we fully expect the images to be pulled down and some outlets of the media (and privacy groups) jump on this as a gross invasion of privacy into the tyre repairman’s workshop, I say we should go out of our way to congratulate the workman for helping a StreetView driver in need.

So if you ever happen to be driving through the small town of Paraburdoo in WA, make sure you swing by to get your tyres checked – let’s use this as a chance to grow a man’s business in a small, outback Australian town.

[StreetviewThanks Dale!]