Universal Pees On Our Rug With The Big Lebowski 10th Anniversary Edition

On Sept. 9, Universal will release an amazing 10th Anniversary Limited Edition of The Big Lebowski that's packed inside of a mini-bowling ball. A goddamn bowling ball. And it'll have all-new bonus features, which I hope/suspect is filled with John Goodman screaming various permutations "fuck" a lot. For only US$24. Why so cheap? Because it's only on DVD. WTF, Universal?

Where the hell is the Blu-ray edition? How can you ask us to buy it a fifth time—after VHS, two earlier DVDs and the beautiful-looking HD DVD—without a version on Blu-ray? Do we really have to hang onto our Xbox HD DVD module just so we can enjoy the Coen Brothers' masterpiece, with classic sequences like The Dude's post-roofie hallucination, dripping with oddball 70s sleaze, in high-def? Who are you, George Lucas? This will not stand. [Amazon via Crunchgear]

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