UK School-Kids Get iPod-Controlling Uniforms: Teachers Despair

Ipod-controlling clothes aren't new, sure, but UK retailer Marks and Spencer is taking a teeny risk with its new line of smart clothing. It's aimed at school kids, with controls and pockets integrated into standard school uniform blazers and coats. A five function keypad from Fibertronic is inside the lapels, and there're loops for hiding the earphone wires under there too. Brilliant idea... until you wonder how many detentions this is going to land kids in, when they decide that listening to tunes on the journey into school isn't enough, and Geography lessons are soooo boring anyway. The Back to School iPod gear is in boys and girls cuts, with the coat going for around US$70, depending on size, and the blazer for around US$50. [Talk2MyShirt]

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