TomTom Go 940 Live Leaked: Includes Live GPRS Traffic Data and Google Searches

A "leak" at a UK online retailer's site reveals a whole bunch of info on TomTom's Go 940 Live GPS system: it looks like the system comes with a GPRS unit to give it live traffic and fuel-price info and the ability to Google search. Yep, alongside the IQ routing and intelligent lane advice that the Go 930 and the new Pro units have is a TomTom HD Traffic unit using GPRS to garner local traffic info, weather conditions, and lets you Google for whatever info you might need on the road. That traffic info is gathered "via anonymous mobile phone monitoring," but whether its these units that do the uploading, or a different system, is unclear. The unit's available on pre-order in the UK for around US$800, with the Live service likely to cost US$10-US$15 per month, but there's no data on when it'll hit the US. [ via GPSLodge Thanks, Jay!]

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