T-Mobile Wants Open App Platform For ALL Their Phones

Developers have told mocoNews that T-Mobile will allow open development and distribution for all handsets across its network this fall, complete with a revenue sharing business model, akin to Apple's App Store. What's interesting is that T-Mobile plans to adjust the revenue percentage according to how much an app uses the network. So an app that uses streaming video will bring in less money for developers, but grant them more freedom in what they create (Apple, are you paying attention?).

Details are still hazy and very unofficial, but here are a few stray notes:

• Development will be allowed for the Android, WinMo, Sidekick and Java platforms.
• Apps will be presented to users according to popularity, giving independent developers a greater chance for success.
• The approval process has yet to be discussed, so it's still up in the air how rigorous getting an app to the store will be or whether free apps will be allowed.

This could be the start of a new trend among mobile providers. Check out the entire story at [mocoNews] .

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