The Leaf AFi 10 Camera Delivers 56 Megapixels

This has been a big month for big-time cameras. First we we first saw the Hasselblad H3DII-50 and its whopping 50-megapixel sensor, which was topped the following week by the Phase One's P65+. The Leaf AFi 10 medium format camera falls in the middle of the war over sensor-size with a 56x36mm TWF sensor that cranks out a 56 megapixel resolution across the entire width of the 6x6 sensor area.

Unlike the other cameras, it also features proprietary "Verto" technology that rotates the sensor internally, so you don't have to turn the camera when you want to take a portrait shot. Other than that, the AFi 10 captures images at about 1 second per frame and it can shoot up to ISO800. Oh, and it's even more expensive than the Phase One P65+ at US$43,700. [Leaf via Photography Blog via DVICE]

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