The 60GB Xbox 360 is a Little Bit Different (and Better)

Internet-famous modder Ben Heck just completed a teardown of the new 60GB Xbox 360. And while Microsoft is only advertising the 40GB storage bump over the old 20GB model, he found that there is one notable difference which will further prevent the old RRoD problem. And it has to do with RAM.

While the system is still utilising a 65nm CPU, Microsoft has eliminated potential heat issues by removing the memory chips residing on the underside of the motherboard. (It would seem that Microsoft simply doubled the capacity of the topside memory.) The bottom-mounted memory is well-documented as a source of heat issues remaining in the modern Xbox, so this update is definitely a good thing, even if Microsoft's rumoured upcoming design combining the CPU and GPU onto one chip should run the coolest of all. [Ben Heck via Kotaku]

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