Thanko's Code-Padlocked USB Thumbdrive Protector is Brilliantly Flawed

Here's something to put a smile on your face on a non-descript Wednesday morning: Thanko's new Code-Padlock USB protector. Does it use some funky encryption, or a digital keypad interface? No: it uses a physical code-padlocked lid that stops you from plugging in a thumbdrive if you can't work out the three-digit code. Brilliant, except that a thief will just steal the whole thing and work out the code at their leisure. So it must be aimed at stopping "casual eyes" accessing files you'd rather keep to yourself. Ah... ones with lots of pink pixels—it all becomes clear. You can of course lock up other USB devices, but you'd have to be working in a really mean office environment to need to do that. Yours for about US$9. [Akhabaranews]

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