Telstra Reworks Data Plans, Still Not Competitive

Telstra Reworks Data Plans, Still Not Competitive

nextg data.jpgMobile data keeps getting cheaper. You can now get 1GB per month from pretty much any network for under $30, often including the price of the wireless modem.

The exception, of course, is Telstra, who are banking on the fact that their NextG network is superior to the other carrier’s offerings that it keeps its prices at a premium to put it politely.

The good news is that even Telstra is starting to come to the mobile data pricing party, although they’re still waiting in their car out the front, waiting for everyone to come to them rather than go inside and be social.

On the upside, Telstra customers who add the wireless internet option to their existing Telstra account can get their wireless offerings for half price for the first 12 months of a 24 month contract. Additional usage is at 25 cents per MB, which is pretty much what you’d expect from Telstra.

I find it very hard to recommend this to anybody living in a major city who can survive on an offering from the other, cheaper networks. But for rural users, any price cut is a good thing, right?