T6 Volkswagen Concept Car is an Office on Wheels

Having easy access to your office 24 hours a day can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you will never miss a beat. On the other, it may seem like you are always stuck at work. With that in mind, check out the T6 concept workaholicmobile designer Alexander Zhukovsky has put together. It comes complete with all of the technology and space you and your co-workers need to get the job done—even when you are stuck in traffic. In other words, it is a boardroom on wheels.

The car is sectioned off into two pods connected by a central hinge—one for the driver and one for working passengers. And, because the wheels are fixed to the outside of the pods, the space inside is maximised. All-in-all the T6 is a fantastic looking concept, but it seems a little impractical given videoconferencing alternatives. Still, in certain situations, it would offer companies the chance to get out of a stuffy boardroom and bring employees to interesting new locations or provide a close-up view of a construction project. Again, the T6 is only a concept at the moment, so I wouldn't expect Volkswagen to be rolling them off the assembly line anytime soon. [Cardesign via AutoMotto via The Design Blog]

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