Stephen King Turns Short Story Into Animated Webcomic Series

stephen king n.pngHere's a fantastic way to waste enjoy half an hour of your Friday: To coincide with Stephen King's upcoming short story collection, Just After Sunset, his publishers have teamed with the folks at Marvel to create a online webcomic series of one of stories in the book called 'N'.

The series, which consists of 25 separate episodes between 90 seconds and 2 minutes long, will have a new episode released every US weekday until August 29. So far, they're up to Episode 14, and it's a catchy little story.

The voice acting is pretty good, although the implementation is a bit annoying - the episodes automatically play in reverse order, and there are video ads that interrupt the clip on occasion. Still - It's fantastic in typical King fashion, I'll be watching keenly to see how the story ends.

[N is here]

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