Sony's CX12 Handycam Takes Photos Of Smiles While You're Recording

We saw the Sony HDR-CX12 back in June, but at a recent session with Sony I managed to have a quick look at the new Handycam. Aside from being tiny, recording exclusively to Memory Stick Pro (there's an 8GB and a 4GB stick in the box) and in Full 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 12x optical zoom, the coolest feature was the Smile Shutter.

Essentially, when switched on, the Smile shutter uses a variation of face detection to record photographs of your subject's face whenever they smile. The photos are taken at 7.6MP resolution, too, so there's no problem with quality. There's also some customisation, which lets you choose between Smile Shutter for kids or adults.

Considering how hard it can be to take photos of kids while they run around at a million miles an hour, if you're collecting photos just while you film them, then this has the potential to be a great camera for parents.

The camera costs $1699, which includes the 12GB of storage in the box.


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