Sony Z4500 Motionflow 200Hz HDTV Gives Ultra-Smooth Video Action

Sony Z4500 Motionflow 200Hz HDTV Gives Ultra-Smooth Video Action

Another First today has been the Sony Z4500 with 200Hz Motionflow technology, which uses a special processor to interpolate frames from the original source, delivering 200 frames per second for ultra-smooth, I-wanna-rub-my-butt-against-a-giant-english-pudding smooth video action. I saw the demo, right next to a normal 100Hz TV and the difference was extreme, even for a half-blind bat like me.

The good: Ultra-smooth video action, with no apparent loss of quality and artifacts.

The bad: While the effect is great and obvious when compared side-by-side to the 100Hz alternative, I don't know if it's worth it. I may not care about this frame-per-second overload.

Bottom line: Good news for the obsessed with video ultra-smoothness and tech specs.

Best-ever Full HD motion clarity with the world's first Motionflow 200Hz BRAVIA - the Z4500

Using sophisticated algorithms, the Motionflow 200Hz system employed by the Z4500 calculates three additional frames for every original, upping the frame rate from 50 to 200 per second. The result is smoothest and clearest motion reproduction to be achieved by an LCD TV. A complementary image enhancement technology called IB Reduction (Image Blur Reduction) boosts the sharpness of the final picture by improving the original, frame by frame, before it is processed by Motionflow 200Hz. Whether allowing you to see the detail of a panning shot exactly as the Director intended or viewing the ultimate in smooth motion clarity for sports like football, the 200Hz Motionflow BRAVIA sets new standards in image quality and enjoyment.

The underlying superiority of the BRAVIA Z4500's picture is attributable to the centrepiece of BRAVIA quality: the BRAVIA Engine 2. This new version of the acclaimed Sony signal processor uses proprietary technology to improve every aspect of the image, frame by frame, in real time. BRAVIA Engine 2 is even better at reproducing realistic black, depicting objects with impressively lifelike depth and detail, removing blemishes or 'noise' from the picture, and delivering that trademark vibrant BRAVIA colour. Contrast is also essential to a quality picture, and a very high screen dynamic contrast ratio of 80,000:1 leverages the work of the BRAVIA Engine 2 to the full.

BRAVIA is a brand with its eyes firmly on the future, and it creates products that are ready to take advantage of emerging trends. This is why the BRAVIA Z4500 is DLNA™ Certified (Digital Living Network Alliance), allowing it to be seamlessly networked with other DLNA™ Certified devices within the home, such as VAIO® PCs and the Giga Juke™ music server. Once connected in this way the BRAVIA Z4500 can be used to enjoy digital pictures and music stored on a PC somewhere else in the house.