Software Pirates Fined Four Brazillion Dollars

If you thought those greedy mom-assaulting vampires from the RIAA or the BSA were bad, you haven't seen their Brazilian cousins yet: they sued a shopping mall and its retailers for selling pirated software to the tune of four billion dollars, winning every single cent of it. Nothing bad with that, until they tell you how they came up with that crazy sum.

The Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Software (the Brazilian equivalent of the Business Software Association) sued the administrators of Stand Center—a shopping mall in Sao Paulo—and 17 of the retailers in there for seven brazillions (four billion US dollars). The sum was calculated by getting 103 products, adding the total value and multiplying it by 3,000, then putting that together with the individual street price of the 71,000 products that were seized during the police operation that lead to this court case.

For sure, crime doesn't pay. But with those outrageous quantities, fining won't either. [IDG NOW— Thanks Ariel]

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