SlingPlayer Windows 2.0 Beta Includes Programming Guide, DVR-Like Controls

Today Sling Media is releasing a public beta of their Windows 2.0 software that adds several new features to the service. Among these upgrades, users can expect a built-in programming guide that enables quick channel search and channel change functionality from your PC with no IR delay. There will also be a live video buffer with DVR-like control, integrated Sling Accounts, and a fancy new look and feel. Clip+Sling is still MIA—but Sling promises that 2.0 will start an "important transition process" that will pave the way for that application and others like it. Detailed information on the new features is available after the break.

The Guide
•The Guide is like the electronic programming guide (EPG) in your set top box at home but built right into the SlingPlayer for Windows 2.0 software. You can easily find what's on without having to use SlingPlayer to access your STB's EPG.
•The Guide enables quick, easy navigation, channel search and channel change functionality right from your PC, using the SlingPlayer and just a couple clicks of your mouse.
•With the Guide there's no IR delay when sending a command through the SlingPlayer to change the channel or program a recording, and the Guide slides out of the SlingPlayer software so it doesn't obscure what you're watching on the screen. With a comprehensive view of your channels, easy to navigate views and search capability, the Guide allows you to get right to what's important, watching what you want to watch now.

Live Video Buffer
•Live Video Buffer with DVR-like control, allows you to easily pause, rewind or fast-forward up to 60 minutes of video on your PC, right from the SlingPlayer.
•Whether you have a DVR at home or not, this feature makes watching your TV on your PC even easier and more enjoyable by giving you greater control without the fuss of a remote control.

Integrated Sling Accounts
•Sling Accounts stores your key Slingbox information like your program guide line up, Slingbox IDs, passwords and favourites on central Sling Media servers.
•This feature allows you to access your information on any PC or laptop running SlingPlayer for Windows 2.0 software so when you switch computers or want to install SlingPlayer for Windows 2.0 on an additional computer, you no longer have to re-enter your information on the new computer. By signing into your Sling Account after installing the software, your Slingbox information will automatically appear. This is a first of many key features enabled by Sling Accounts.

New Look & Feel
•SlingPlayer for Windows 2.0 is sporting a new look & feel. With detachable slide-out windows and a sleek new player design it presents all the new features and functionality in an easy to navigate way.

Multiple Viewing Modes & Sizes
•With different viewing modes, the SlingPlayer software allows you to work, surf the web and enjoy your TV, all at the same time.

To take part in the 2.0 beta, hit the following link to download the software. [Sling]

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