Skyfire Mobile Browser Now Supports Microsoft Silverlight

While it's long supported Flash, the Skyfire mobile browser now plays nice with Microsoft Silverlight—basically, Microsoft's version of Flash, which is what you'll need to watch streaming video at the NBC Olympics site. Meaning yes, you can watch Olympics video on your S60 or Windows Mobile phone if you're stuck in traffic or something. If you've got Skyfire, anyway.

Skyfire Mobile Browser Satisfying Hunger for the Olympics with Live Access to Olympic Footage from NBC's PC Website

NBC-Universal is offering an unprecedented amount of video footage of the summer Olympics from Beijing on its website While Google, Yahoo and even NBC have limited mobile offerings, the Skyfire mobile browser, currently in private beta, has full access to all of NBC's full-PC site including access to full video. Skyfire users can not only see highlights of Michael Phelps' first medal-garnering performances, they can watch live as he swims toward his next gold.

In addition to being the only mobile browser that allows full access to the site, Skyfire has also added a widget on its launching page, linking to video and picture slideshows of the latest from Beijing. This custom blend of images and video is updated through RSS several times a day, making Skyfire the best way to follow the Olympics from a mobile device.

Skyfire is the only mobile browser which supports full Flash, which is the most popular online video codec. Fans of the Olympics who watch the games at home on their desktop PCs, probably had to download the Silverlight plug-in in order to view the video. Skyfire added Silverlight support seamlessly, without its users having to install a new plug-in or even update the browser version.

The Skyfire browser is currently in private beta on the WindowsMobile and Symbian platforms.


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