Russian Mod Makes iPhone's Rear-Side Apple Logo Glow

Saddened by the fact that the Apple logo on the rear-shell of the iPhone is just a dead, un-illuminated entity, a bunch of Russian modders have taken a dremel and soldering iron to one—or is it a replacement back shell? Either way, they brought the sexy (glow) back. Apparently "the battery doesn't suffer a lot, you can adjust the glow level in Settings menu." Hmmm. Are they hacking into the screen back-lighting circuit? If you're not convinced by the photo: check out the video, it looks pretty real. Updated: A reader has sent us some shots of the mod really in action.

Now you should be convinced: if this mod isn't real, that video is a very well-done fake. There's no info on how it's been done, so it's up to you to work out how to follow in their footsteps if you too want a glowing fruit. [iNews76 via Yanko Design]
Update: A reader, and editor of has sent us these photos of the glowing mod in action, in lighted and unlit situations. There's this Giz story showing behind it in the pics... it's real, folks! The mod cost about US$300 to do.
Thanks, Arthur!

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