Retro Space Arcade Cabinet Mixes Retro, Futurism with Banana Colour Scheme

The classic arcade cabinet of yesterdecade gets a snazzy makeover in the Retro Space machine from designer Martijn Koch. It's a tribute in part to "honour the design of the first ever arcade cabinet" which was Computer Space, from 1971. So it's got arcade-quality controls for two people, including the ever-important trackball (good news for Missile Command fans) and squeezes in 100+ games and a suite of emulators.

But since it's a modern build, Martijn popped in media-player functionality for audio and video, a 2 x 90W audiophile-quality amp/speaker system and a 24-inch 1080p flat-screen monitor. Lovely, in a retro-futuretastic way... but why oh why did he choose yellow? Good enough for bananas and custard, but arcade machines need to be more sober. You should be able to buy one sometime, price on application. [Retrothing]

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