Religious Group Now Protesting Online Porn in the Sky While God Smiles Suspiciously

Religious Group Now Protesting Online Porn in the Sky While God Smiles Suspiciously

I will never understand why some religious groups keep whining about the most inane sexual things, from Susan Storm’s bra size to Princess Peach’s underpants, but the last protest by religious group “Focus On The Family”–urging people to bully American Airlines for their in-flight unfiltered wireless internet access–makes me want to start slapping them right, left and centre. Apparently, “Focus On The Family” is imagining row after row of seat screens full of all kinds of human, animal, and mini-fig genitalia. Their senior analyst for media and sexuality–take that Dr. Ruth–David Weiss had this very stupid thing to say:

“Because this nation has not been serious about vigorously attacking pornography, some believe it is appropriate to view in public. Not only will the flight attendants be placed in a situation that could be considered sexual harassment, passengers who openly view porn where children can see it may be violating federal harmful-to-minor laws.”

Fortunately, most of this nation is not stupid. In “this nation,” and any other nation, individuals know how to behave in public and, if they don’t, they would get their arse kicked by the crew or other passengers. Like in any other area of life. Just like I can watch porn on my iPhone in any public place across the country but I don’t because it’s just wrong, the same will apply here, Mr. David Weiss.

American Airlines says they will not change their policy of unfiltered internet access, because that will jeopardise the access to legitimate web sites, leaving it to flight attendants to handle any possible problem, as it should be. And that’s good. I’ll keep flying them, but not for the porn.

OK, for the porn too. [Sky Talk]