Police Drummer Stewart Copeland Lays Down Custom Interface Tones For BlackBerry Bold

I'm loving this trend of prominent and/or English rockers with ambient/prog tendencies laying down soundtracks for gadgets and software. Most famously we have Brian Eno composing the "Windows Sound" for Win 95, then Robert Fripp of King Crimson helping out with Vista's sound set. Now Police drummer Stewart Copeland has done the same for the BlackBerry Bold, composing a five-note "theme" that will pop up in preloaded ring tones and alarm chimes, whenever the Bold gets around to shipping. Personally, if I ever replace my Van Halen "Jump" ringtone, I want it to be with some custom-composed robot squawking by someone like Daft Punk. Somewhere, John Mayer is shedding a single tear of envy. For sound samples hit up: [APC via CrackBerry]

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