Pininfarina Xten Ergonomic Office Chair Makes Sedentary Look Speedy

Believe it or not, this Pininfarina Xten office chair is only three degrees of separation away from failed Gizmondo exec Stefan Eriksson. But before we begin that game, let's delve deep into this US$3,000 office chair, shall we? The seat cups your nether region with "Technogel," which the designers claim reduces spreadsheet and coding fatigue by 60% (fatigue? from sitting down?). The gel is coated with Dynatec fabric, an Olympic games staple that wicks away sweat from the bodies of today's athletes. No swamp arse for you! The chair also comes in a range of colours. Feisty. I like that. But what of Eriksson? Here's a hint: Ferrari.

The degrees of separation go thusly:

The xten chair is the spawn of Pininfarina, an Italian design firm. Pininfarina designs many things, like cell phones and alarm clocks, but chief among them is the ultra-rare Ferrari Enzo. Eriksson is probably best known for wrecking his Enzo on a highway, sawing it in half, and walking away relatively OK so he could continue to make shitty portable gaming devices. And scene.

We have no idea whether or not Eriksson has an xten in his office, but if he does, we're certain its days, like Gizmondo's, are numbered.

[xten via DVICE]

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