Philips Makes Pronto Home Control Mega-Remote More Mega: TSU9800

Philips Makes Pronto Home Control Mega-Remote More Mega: TSU9800

It's been a long while since we mentioned Philips range of Pronto home-control remote systems, but Philips hasn't forgotten them: it's been making the mega-remotes even more mega with the upcoming TSU9800. With a bigger touchscreen (6.4-inches, folks), and an dock that also does ambient lighting, it can also be mounted on the wall of your swanky Wi-Fi-enabled remote-controlled house to let you switch on "audio/video servers" for which it gives "feedback information such as album/DVD art and song information." Philips has also updated the software used to program the remote through a PC, and now ProntoEdit Professional 2.0 lets you drag and drop design your configurations and user interfaces for the 9800. Swish indeed: which is why it's due to cost US$2,400 when it's out in September. Press release below.

DENVER - Philips Electronics marks the 10-year anniversary of its industry-setting Pronto home control line with the launch of its newest touch screen panel, Philips TSU9800, at this year's CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado.

Philips TSU9800 Pronto Control Panel merges functionality and design, featuring a stunning 6.4-inch VGA colour screen and a premium docking station that offers ambient lighting, and the option to completely hide all cables when used in a board-room setting, or coupled with the optional wall mounting plate. The high resolution display is the largest in Philips Pronto line, providing exceptional readability and a control panel designed for maximum comfort, efficiency and ease of use.

With a vibrant display, extended control and personalised performance, Philips TSU9800 builds upon Philips award-winning innovation in home controls. It can control audio/video servers, provides feedback information such as album/DVD art and song information and allows for intuitive and convenient content browsing with a rotary wheel.

"As Philips continues to expand the Pronto line, we add features that simplify user interaction with the system," said Glenn McImail, Vice President, Philips Peripherals and Accessories. "Philips TSU9800 gives customers a faster and smarter home control system with new features geared to make central home control an easier and more pleasant experience."

Besides the rotary wheel, Philips TSU9800 comes with just the right amount of hard buttons and cursors for the most used functions such as volume and channel switching. With the added benefit of a reliable one-touch control system for your home, it offers the latest in technology through its advanced infrared learning and sending circuitry, which has the ability to learn and send virtually any infrared code in the AV market.

Also new from Philips is ProntoEdit Professional 2.0. With this advanced PC-editor, custom installers can promptly create any customised form of configuration and/or user interface. This latest version includes many new features including:
• Flat user interface with full drag and drop functions,
• Single-page view allowing easy access to various building blocks,
• Quick start wizard that allows any installer to set up a project with three easy steps
• Revamped page view that incorporates the latest graphical tools to simplify transitioning from portrait to landscape and from QVGA to VGA.

With the added feature of ProntoScript, Philips TSU9800 gives users the option to realise full two-way communication via RS-232 and/or WiFi/IP with third party equipment and selected ProntoScript Partners. Philips TSU9800 is also fully compatible with extenders RFX9400 and RFX9600.

Available in September of 2008, Philips TSU9800 will retail for $2,399 and is available through authorised custom installation distributors across the country and at authorised Pronto dealers and retailers. Philips' line of award-winning Pronto control panels starts at $499.