Peek Handheld: No Phone, No Frills, Just Email

I'm not sure if the Peek emailer is a great idea or a stupid one. Basically, the Peek is a stripped down handheld device with a QWERTY keyboard that does nothing but handle your email. The shaky logic behind the device is research that shows roughly 90% of email users are not checking their email on the go—but why they assume this group would forgo the mobile phone they surely already have for yet another gadget is beyond me. Besides, the Peek is set to debut in Target on Sept 14th for US$100 with T-Mobile service running US$15 a month. That doesn't seem like a value to me.

The bottom line is that email services on consumer phones are getting better all the time, and you can still pick up a phone like the Blackberry Pearl with email at a value that makes wasting money on a second gadget like the Peek unnecessary—even if the service is stellar. So, what do you think—does the Peek stand a chance? [Peek via Silicon Alley Insider]

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