Pedal-Powered Toilet-Paper-Wiper Brings Both Laziness and Exercise to the Bathroom

Well, here's something you don't expect to see in the listing for a house on a real estate website: a toilet equipped with a pedal-powered contraption that drags toilet paper across your filthy bits, allowing you to wipe hands free. And, one assumes, leaving a train of vile used TP behind your toilet.

I've got to assume that this thing was made for someone without use of their hands, such as a double amputee, as it certainly doesn't make the wiping process any more convenient. Furthermore, no germaphobe would accept the tradeoff of keeping clean hands for having a roll of feces-smattered toilet paper just sitting there behind their toilet. Why else would this thing exist? And really, the more I look at it the more I get confused about how exactly it functions. What about when you're actually going? Doesn't it get in the way?

Someone, please, step in and explain this to me. I'm having trouble here. [Make via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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