Olympus Hazard-Proof Tap-To-Snap Stylus 1050 SW and Its Skinny Sidekick, the 1040

Olympus' tough-as-nails Stylus 1050 SW updates the 1030 SW with a tap-control feature that makes it easy to take pictures in extreme environments. While the specs are nearly identical to the 1030—10.1MP, 1.5 metre shockproof, 3 metres waterproof, -10°C freezeproof—the 1050 uses an accelerometer to allow button-free control. Tapping the top, back or sides of the camera cycle through different options, so you can make adjustments to your pictures even if you're wearing gloves. It'll be out in October, and for US$300, I'd tap that. The Stylus 1040, one of the best looking Olympus point-and-shoots we've seen, down below.

The 1040 is a super-slim cam, and in fact, the thinnest Stylus yet. It ditches the big zoom lens typical of other Olympus cameras for a more common slick, boxy style with flat controls on the back. As far as specs go, it's basically the 1050 SW without the huevos, a 10.1MP point-and-shoot with 3x optical zoom and a 2.7" LCD screen. Also out in October, the 1040 will run US$200.

AU: Local pricing has also been announced - you're looking at $299 for the 1040 and $399 for the 1050SW. I'd say that borders on bargain territory...


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