Nokia Uses Two Guys In A Sauna To Explain N-Gage To Developers… Wait, WTF?

Nokia Uses Two Guys In A Sauna To Explain N-Gage To Developers… Wait, WTF?

Sauna_Talk6.jpgIn Finland, your time is split between two things: working for Nokia and enjoying the pungent odours of man-sweat from your colleagues in the local sauna. Now, the mobile phone giant looks to have combined the two and created an online video series of it in an effort to communicate the benefits of their N-Gage platform to developers.

It looks to be an ongoing series, with the first episode showing more nipple-fur and hot engineer bod than I was hoping for, earning it a slightly NSFW rating (if only to protect your reputation among colleagues as a heterosexual male).

The first episode also keeps it quite simple, with the porn-mo’d host interviewing Miikka Skaffari, Head of Developer Product Management for N-Gage. The most technical he gets is explaining that the N-Gage SDK allows developers to code games in C++ rather than Symbian, making it easy to create games with the skillset they have (few games developers code in Symbian, apparently). He also explains that you can develop the game once and have it available on a number of devices, which is fairly evident to anyone familiar with the N-Gage’s rebirth.

There’s no word on how often it gets updated, but hopefully episode two will feature some more in-depth details of the platform, plus some of Nokia’s Finnish female staff… If only to draw attention away from the host’s nipple fur…

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