No NextG Olympics Coverage For iPhone Users

Telstra Olympics.pngIf you've spent any time this weekend watching the Olympics (and seeing as how you're probably Australian, you must have), then you definitely would have seen or heard the countless ads proclaiming the ability to watch the Games on Telstra's NextG handsets.

What the ads don't mention is that the one phone best suited to watching the Olympic Games on the go - the iPhone 3G - isn't compatible with their Olympic streaming services.

The ads say that the service is available on a wide range of NextG handsets, and the fineprint does say that not all NextG handsets will work with the service. While it doesn't specifically single out the iPhone (and really, why would it?), this is a huge opportunity gone begging for Telstra. There's a heap of reasons why people are queueing up to buy iPhones from Optus, not Telstra, and this is yet another one.

[via Digital Media]

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