Nikon's Overnight Camera Announcements Get Local Pricing

All those Nikon compact cameras that got announced overnight have been priced and dated for Australia.

All six cameras are due in stores by mid-September, so if you're hanging out to get your hands on one of these new snappers, you'll have to wait a few weeks. The pricing is pretty much what you'd expect from a new range of cameras, although make sure you shop around to get the best deals - if you pay full price for one of these, you're getting ripped off.

The full price list is below: COOLPIX P6000 RRP$749.00 COOLPIX S710 RRP$549.00 COOLPIX S610c RRP$529.00 COOLPIX S610 RRP$479.00 COOLPIX S560 RRP$449.00 COOLPIX S60 RRP$549.00

[Nikon Australia]

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