NextWorth Swaps Your Old iPhone With Someone In Need, Gives You Cash For a Shiny New 3G

Original EDGE iPhones are still going for pretty serious dough on eBay like they were back in June, but if the market is anything like it was around the time of the first launch, you're likely to go through tons of fraudulent winners before you finally get connected with someone who'll actually pay. Saving you that hassle, but at a significant premium, is NextWorth, a service that will take your Jesus Phone (now Peter Phone? Hmm) and send you a cash voucher or Circuit card for your trade-in, before probably selling it on eBay themselves. But is it worth it?

A quick search of recently completed auctions shows 8GB Peter Phones still fetching anything from $250 to a crazy-high $575. 16GB models are grabbing even more, seeing a range of the same $250 to $700+ (for new in-box, unlocked phones). Over at NextWorth (which will also take iPods), a 16GB with all the accessories and with "light wear" (as opposed to the "normal wear" which is the next highest option) will net you an even $300, just enough for a 16GB 3G. My 8GB, which is soundly in the "normal wear" category after a few drops and a broken headset, will only fetch me $180, which has me thinking eBay is the answer. NextWorth does not pay a premium for unlocked phones as many will on eBay, and if you read Giz, you should be able to unlock your phone and load it with whichever firmware seems most valuable before putting it up for auction, no sweat.

Anybody sold their iPhone EDGE on eBay recently? How's the market out there? Let me know. [NextWorth via Gadget Lab]

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