New Official Xbox 360 Controller Spotted

Over at a German games convention going on now, IGN has come across a new Xbox 360 controller by Microsoft. Apparently it looks pretty much identical to the old one but includes an entirely redesigned directional pad (which makes sense, because the current d-pad isn't so good). Here's what IGN had to say about the play experience (and to see story UPDATES):

...the d-pad has been re-engineered to offer more instant control, with an eight way input taking place of the previous four. A brief hands-on with the controller playing Pro Evolution 2009 proved that the redesign has been effective, with the d-pad sitting in a larger rocker and proving more tactile.

It doesn't sound like the update will be worth throwing out your old controllers, but we'll be happy to see the improvement. [IGN]

UPDATE: It looks like this could be limited edition for Europe, Asia and Latin America only. [IMAGE]

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