New Micro-Helicopter First With Proper Cyclic Controls, Says Japanese Maker

Though Pico Z toy helicopters and their ilk are fun, they're bloody difficult to control (even the Tandem Z version) since they lack the control sophistication of bigger models. But Kyosho is trying to sort that out with its upcoming "Minium AD Calibre 120 Readyset" micro-helicopter model, which has a proper cyclic control—the world's first in a micro-copter, Kyosho says. It's similar to that used to steer the blades of a real helicopter, and means you should be able to accurately hover, reverse and do banking turns. And crash. The 30-gram, 12cm model is a US$240 kit though, so you won't really want to do that often. Out in September, in Japan. [CrunchGear]

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