New iPod Nano Mock-up Takes the Sting Out of the New iPod Nano

I can't speak for everyone in the room, but I'm not all that excited about the possibility of the iPod nano returning to its long, skinny origins. Originally repulsed by the latest iteration of nano, the deformed, squat body won me over the first time I actually held it in my hand. And it instantly made the styling of its thin predecessor seem like a vanity device—a lipstick-like accessory, not something designed to easily play my music. Anyway, these concept mock-ups by flickr's Umpa reminded me that skinny is still pretty hot. Widen the screen a tad and I might be sold, again. Bonus shot:

You see, putting Wall-E on the screen makes the concept oh so much more convincing. And adorable. [flickr Thanks Breno!]

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