New Dell Latitude Biz Notebooks: As Light as 1 Kilo, Up to 19 Hours Battery Life

Dell is loosing seven—yes, seven—new Latitude business notebooks today. Rather than recount each model in detail and scrambling your brain since they (and their accompanying options) go in a million directions from ultraportable to semi-rugged, here's the basic list of new features:

•Ridiculous battery life—some configs will go to 19 hours.
•Wireless N, Bluetooth, Ultra-wideband, mobile broadband, WiMax and GPS options
•Hardware disk encryption, Dell ControlVault, fingerprint readers and other security stuff
•Full-frame magnesium alloy construction
•Backlit keyboards, USB Powershare, DisplayPort

•E4200 and E4300 have Dell Latitude ON, an instant boot mode for email, contacts, internet, etc., that supposedly will give you multi-day battery life via a dedicated low-voltage sub-processor

Get the full monty on every model here: [Direct2Dell]

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