MotoPod Solves The Eternal Problem: What Do I Do With My Motorcycle When I'm Flying My Cessna?

Stash it under the belly of the plane for an Indiana-Jones-style getaway once you hit the landing strip, of course. The good folks at MotoPod will mod your light aircraft with one of their aerodynamic moto-carriers, and give you a customised folding motorcycle to cram inside of it for around US$10k. Sure it'll shave a few knots off of your cruising speed, but when you mount up with a hot blonde (or tiny Asian sidekick) and ride off on your foldable mini-Hog, you'll know you made the right choice. And judging from the demo video, the MotoPOD looks like it could also serve as an effective canoe, nicely rounding out the land-sea-air transportation trifecta for which every adventuring anthropologist strives.

Now all it needs is a Tumbler-like mechanism to instantly eject the moto. [MotoPod via Oh Gizmo]

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