Mitsubishi 40mm-thin HDTV Panel Packs External WHDI Wireless Tuner, BD Player

While there have been several other ultra-thin TVs to cheat on size by moving some of the set's guts into an external box, we're starting to see a few of the biggies taking advantage of the newly-codified WHDI spec to beam the signal from the external box to the screen wirelessly. Details are somewhat thin on these new concept Mitsubushi panels, which are 40mm (a hair over 1.5 inches) thick and should reach manufacturing before the year is up. But their use of WHDI (like these Sharp sets before them) to link the panel to the external tuner box adds an interesting twist to this trend.

Trading a few millimeters shaved off the panel for a big honking box may not seem like a hugely advantageous situation, but WHDI has a range of over 30 metres (into the closet it can go) and allows for seamless pairing of compatible HDTV gear throughout your home, meaning the tuner (or the external Mitsubishi Blu-ray recorder shown next to it) could potentially be linked to other panels in the house. I kind of like the idea of stashing all of my modular source gear in a home theatre server room of sorts, leaving only ultra-thin panels to receive the signals visible. That seems to be where WHDI is taking us, although Panasonic (who is not a WHDI member) could have something else up their sleeves. [Tech ON]

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