Mio Launching Flavoured Milk? New Moov Satnav Range

Mio Launching <strike>Flavoured Milk?</strike> New Moov Satnav Range

Mio has come out all guns blazing with the release of three new satnavsfor the Australian market. They all look exactly like the Moov 380 we saw from the US back in June, although none of these local models have a built-in SIM card slot to let you make calls from the device.

All the new models are using Navteq maps, which (I believe) is a first for a dedicated device in Australia (I’m sure you’ll let me know if I’m wrong). There’s also a cool tech called instant GPS fix, which recalibrates the expected position of the satellites in the sky every three days to get your position quicker. Plus, each of the new models has a 2 year warranty.

The entry level Moov 300, which will have an RRP of $349, has a large, 4.3-inch widescreen display. They’ve rejigged the interface as well, so you get large icons (like TomTom and Garmin devices). There’s text to speech (so it reads out street names for you), which is a nice addition to an entry level unit.

But it’s the mid and high-range units that make the new Moov range interesting.