Microsoft Fesses Up to 120GB Zune, Laughs While We Eat Their Breadcrumbs

When an FCC filing reveals a company's product, there's usually this awkward silence from all corporate parties involved who wait for an arbitrary date to make any real announcements. Microsoft, proving that they do indeed read the internet, has admitted their plans to release a 120GB Zune and teased developments to come:

You've probably all seen about 120GB @the FCC- and just wanted to send you a note to confirm that is indeed part of the plan. There's definitely more details coming in the way of new software and hardware, pricing etc.

OK, one more pass at that quote reveals:

1.) New Zune software
2.) New Zune pricing (though the 120GB could just replace the 80GB and be a "new price" of sorts)

Sounds good to us—get it? The Zune makes noise so that's funny. [Zune Thoughts via Electronista]

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