Luxury Leatherman Costs US$40,000 (For When MacGyver Stays at the Ritz)

Let's say MacGyver, or some other other gadget-loving, outdoorsy nut, finds themselves trapped in the deadly confines of a five-star luxury hotel like the Ritz-Carlton. Room service is unavailable; the concierge could only procure balcony seats for the opera; and the champagne is most definitely Korbel, not Cristal. Would they panic? Of course they wouldn't, because they're obviously armed with a US$40,000 Leatherman.

Leatherman's 25th annivesary Argentum collection is more for show than cutting a dangerous bow line, but each of these extravagant "tools" is still fully functional.

The collection ranges from the modest US$12,000 Acanto to the US$40,000 Dorado, and are the work of Argentinean artist Adrian Pollarols. You can see the opulence of the finished product taking shape in these early sketches:Suddenly those perilous trips to the Ritz ice machine down the hall aren't looking so bad, after all. [Leatherman via Boing Boing]

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