Luxeed is Rainbow LED Keyboard for Hippies, Those Who Can't Afford an Optimus

We first showed you the rainbow-illuminated Luxeed LED keyboard a year and a half ago, but then it was in Korean letter-style versions. Now it's got plain old Western characters and is on sale in the US. It's not quite in the same league as the legendary Optimus Maximus, sure, but with 430 LEDs embedded inside—each fully controllable with some custom software—it actually sounds pretty impressive. Check out the video: it's psychedelic, man. Or, at least, vaguely sci-fi looking anyway.

The software is Windows-only, sadly, and the keyboard comes without a standard numeric keypad. That'll cost you an extra US$35, and it doesn't light up. But with the main keyboard costing just US$200, it's one eighth the price of Art Lebedev's funky keyboard offering. Available in black or white, with the white model having translucent keys. [ThinkGeek via Technabob]

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