Live from the Sony Press Conference at IFA

Live from the Sony Press Conference at IFA

Hookai. I’m lining up to get into Sony’s press conference. They have some things under wraps, including a mega-TV with super-smooth video action and what could be some Walkmen. Hmmm, I love the smell of new plastic in the morning. More info and photos following up shortly. Keep watching this space.

We are in, first row. This place is full of pretty Germans boys and girls. I feel like I want to escape Colditz or take off my pants. I can go either way.

I’ll keep the pants on, because that TV under wraps looks absolutely pantsable.
Ok, this has started. Video on screen about all the cool things Sony does.
Like… OLED, PS3, cameras, PS3, TV, PS3…

President of Sony Europe on stage: Fujio Nishida

Biggest booth in IFA. Sony to take over the world.

Stringer now on stage.
Stringer talking about Sony. Saying size matters.
Clearly, we like Sir Howard.
Now he’s talking about how great Sony is, with Bravia and OLED.
He keeps talking about growing and market sizes. He’s making me nervous, yet strangely aroused.
Talks about Blu-ray victory. Lots of nyah nyah nyah, we won.

They want to make 90% of their products network enabled.
PS3 is their central hub.
Now he’s talking about emerging markets.
And doubling size by 2010.

Did he wink at me? I don’t know.
He keeps talking about financial and market growth. Please someone wake up Steve Jobs and bring him here. Then wake me up.
Ok. He seems to be wrapping up now.

New global Sony ads
With James Bond.
At last some action. Where’s my martini?

Fujio back on stage.
First, TVs. They are bringing the OLED TV to Europe.
Wheeee. Come on Fujio, give us some news.

Bravia EX1, new TV.
Full HD, completely wireless.
New Motionflow technology
200hz Bravia z4500
Interpolated frames for super-smooth action.
A world first too.

A new world wide first coming.
ZX1. 9.9mm thick. Available in December.
It’s quite amazing, they got rid of the fluorescent lamps.
Incredibly bright.

Now Blu-ray players.
S5000es. Matching with new receivers.
All in Darth Vader black.
They look good, but the ZX1 really steals the show.

New Cybershot with 720p video recording

New Walkmans
Thinnest Walkman ever, with sensing technology that apparently knows your mood and adjust the music.

My mood now is “pissed off the Wi-Fi is not working” Fujio.
I’m liveblogging with the iPhone.

Taking ebooks now.
Nothing new, except the fact that they are going to further open it in terms of format support. They must be feeling the Bezos heat.

Talking now about ODO products running on kinetic energy.
Just prototypes, but we will get our dirty kinetic hands all over them.

They are talking Blu-ray now.
Loads of marketdrone corpospeak now. Hannibal, stop all this jibbajabba!
The Blu-ray guy is talking about BD live.
Chatting in the Blu-ray.
Great, as if it wasn’t enough to tell people to shut up in real life.
On the screen.
Blu-ray networked.
They’ve shown a BD Live title—Starship Troopers 3—that allows you to replace a face of your character with your own, for endless cheesy laughs. Hahaha. Ha.
Blu-ray show’n’tell is over.

Fujio is back, like the kung-fu warrior he is, to wrap up.
I’m out of here, people. Hands on coming up.